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Find & Replace Tool

Locate all instances of a specific word or phrase within a given text and substitute it with another word.

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A straightforward tool that allows you to find every occurrence of a word or phrase in a text document and replace it with another word. This tool can be highly beneficial when editing extensive text. It automatically identifies all exact matches and replaces them with a single button click.

Match Case

By default, the tool replaces all instances of the search string, regardless of letter case. Enable the 'Match Case' option to perform a case-sensitive search, ensuring an exact match with your query.

For instance, searching for 'h' won't match 'H' in 'Hello' when 'Match Case' is enabled.

Input: Hello World!
Find: h
Replace: X
Result: Hello World!
Replaced: 0

Whole Words

The 'Whole Words' option allows you to replace a match only if it's not preceded or followed by another string.

For example, searching for 'brow' won't match 'brow' in the word 'brown' when 'Whole Words' is enabled.

Input: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Find: brow
Replace: eyebrow 
Result: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Replaced: 0